As I have told people countless times, this campaign has nothing to do with me and everything to do with my family, the 9th District, and Lexington as a whole. This city has so much unlocked potential.  We have an opportunity to become a place where everyone has the chance to buy a home, raise a family, and pursue a career. Below I have compiled a small list of issues that I believe. These issues are the key to a better Lexington.


Public Safety

My entry into this campaign started when my vehicle was broken into and robbed. The next day my wife and I discussed our anger and deflation regarding the incident. Our little girl's bedroom was a short distance from the break in, our son was in bed assuming he was safe, and my wife and I had a false sense of security. That is not acceptable.

I am running this campaign to give our law enforcement officers the tools they need to protect the families of the 9th District. With current leadership ignoring the obvious needs of our police officers, crime in Lexington has gotten far worse than it was even a generation ago. If given the honor of serving as your member on the Council, I promise you a champion for law enforcement and a safer Lexington. 


City Council is the most intimate office in government. A member of Council should be a community leader who listens to their constituency and works with them to better their lives.


My pledge is to have an open door policy with the 9th District. I will never ignore your concerns or wishes and we will always have an open dialogue. Together we will come up with ideas that serve the whole district.  

Purchase Development Rights

PDR is a taxpayer subsidized Agriculture Conservation Easement program facilitated by the city government. This program allows the city government to purchase development rights from farmers forcing the land into government control. I strongly oppose this socialistic style program. My belief is that the government should under no circumstances use tax dollars to control the land and remove it from the free market. This program hurts job growth and takes incentives away from new business entering our community.       

Land Development

I am extremely disappointed with the degree of destruction we have seen to our natural beauty in the 9th District. I have spoken to countless constituents who complain that sites such as Waveland are being overdeveloped for undisclosed reasons. It is of great frustration to me that our government is unresponsive and seems to not know what they were doing.

My opponent has been silent on this issue. People have told me they have called her office and been ignored. I assure you that I will take a different approach. I will be open and honest with my constituents and provide sensible information on decisions I make.


The 9th District is blessed to have citizens from all different beliefs, creeds, and walks of life. I welcome all perspectives along on this journey because the issues that divide us are so much smaller than the issues that bring us together. If we hope to truly change this district, we must all fight as one.


Plain and simple, you deserve to keep your money. Our government taxes and spends us to death to establish flawed programs that do nothing for the 9th District. I will fight for conservative governance that accounts for every dollar we spend.